MCQs on Transformer Losses Questions and Answers

Transformer Losses – Definition Transformer has multiple losses such as copper, eddy current, Hysteresis, core, stray and dielectric losses. It is free from rotating, windage and friction losses. There are two types of core losses in transformer. Eddy current Losses are produced due to the alternating flux in the Iron Core. Hysteresis losses are produced … Read more

MCQs on Auto-Transformer Questions and Answers

Auto-Transformer – Definition Auto-Transformer is a type of conventional electrical transformer with only single (one) winding. The “Auto” Prefix refers to the meaning of single coil transformer. The single coil of Auto-Transformer used as both primary an secondary winding. An Auto-transformer working principle and theory is same as two winding transformer. All the MCQs of … Read more

MCQs on Transformer Applications in Electronics

Transformer Applications – Definition If we talk about the transformer applications in the electronics circuits then it is most common and widely used component with unavoidable features.  Generally, the transformers are used to increase (Step-Up) and decrease (Step-Down) the AC voltages to operate electronic circuits. There are normally 5 types of applications for the purpose … Read more