MCQs on Resonance in Series and Parallel Circuit

Resonance in Series and Parallel Circuit – Definition Resonance circuit can be connected in series and parallel combination. The total current in the parallel resonant circuit is zero otherwise, In series resonant circuit is maximum. In the parallel circuit, voltages are increased and current will be increased in series resonant circuit. All the MCQs on Resonance … Read more

Questions On Capacitors in Series and Parallel MCQs

Capacitors in Series and Parallel – Definition Capacitors can be used in the combination of Series and Parallel connection in the circuit likewise same as series & parallel connection of Resistors. When the two or more capacitors are connected in series then the total capacitance will be decreased due to the increasing of  internal distance … Read more

Series Circuit MCQs Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

The combination of circuit is the utmost important piece of study to understand the basic concept of how exactly current flows in the Electronics circuit because every PCB (Printed Circuit Board) contains multiple of tracks. I am providing you series circuit MCQs multiple choice questions and answers with the aim to facilitate the students, technicians … Read more