MCQs on Resonance Circuit

MCQs on Resonance Circuit

Definition of Resonance Circuit

To understand the phenomena of Resonance, it is important to tune LC circuit on a frequency in which the value of XL (Inductive Reactance) becomes equal to the XC (Capacitive Reactance).The frequency on which  Inductive Reactance and Capacitive Reactance becomes equals (XC=XL) that is called Resonant Frequency. Resonance Effect is also called tuning effect. The Resonance Circuits are used in all the Electrical and Electronics circuits. All the MCQs on Resonance Circuit are published according to the new study syllabus for academic year 2021-22.

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The aim is to provide Resonance MCQs objective questions and answers to understand the concepts of Resonant. If you are willing to learn the concepts of Basic Electronics MCQs multiple choice questions with answer then read all the questions and answers. You will be surely able to qualify for all kinds of Quiz / tests / Interviews after understanding the Introduction to Resonance. If you are a students, technician or teacher then you can learn the basic concept of Resonance applications, principle and function.

Resonance Circuit MCQs (Questions and Answers)

Q1. When the Inductive Reactance (XL) of Inductor and Capacitive Reactance (XC) of Capacitor  becomes equal (XL=XC) on a specific frequency which is called _______ .

  1. conductance
  2. admittance
  3. resonance
  4. susceptance

Answer:    c

Q2. Whenever the Capacitive Reactance (XC) and Inductive Reactance (XL) becomes equal then a specific effect produce in a circuit which is called Resonance Effect.   True / False

Answer:    True

Q3. Resonance Effect is also called _______.

  1. turning effect
  2. tuning effect
  3. capacitive effect
  4. none is correct

Answer:    b

Q4. On a specific frequency, in which capacitive Reactance (XC) equals to the inductive reactance (XL) is called Resonance Frequency.                        True / False

Answer:    True

Q5. Resonance Circuit is used in a ________ system.

  1. electronics
  2. electrical
  3. mechanical
  4. a & b are correct

Answer:    d

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Q6. The Radio Frequency (RF) circuits are the best example for the use of Resonance.       True / False

Answer:    True 

Q7. When the value of applied frequency becomes low or high from the resonance frequency then the circuit works as _________.

  1. AC
  2. DC
  3. Resonance
  4. All are correct

Answer:    a

Q8. Resonance Circuits are commonly used in a Radio, Television Transmitter, Receiver and electronics instruments.            True / False

Answer:    True 

Q9. On which frequency the resonance effect becomes very useful ?

  1. Radio frequency
  2. Audio frequency
  3. Angular frequency
  4. Spatial frequency

Answer:    a

Q10. The maximum output receives on a Resonance Frequency.           True / False

Answer:    True

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Q11. In the inductive circuit, the frequency is ______ proportional to the inductive reactance (XL).

  1. directly
  2. in-directly

Answer:    a

Q12. In the Capacitive Circuit, the frequency is indirectly proportional to the Capacitive Inductance.                                                                                                                                                           True / False

Answer:    True

Q13. The Resonance Frequency formula of LC circuit is____________.

  1. Fr  = 1 / 2π√(LC)
  2. Fr  = 2π√(LC)
  3. Fr  = 1 / 2πFC
  4. Both b are c are correct

Answer:    a

Q14. The unit of Resonance Frequency (Fr) is Hertz.                       True / False

Answer:    True

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