MCQs on Resonance in Series and Parallel Circuit

Resonance in Series and Parallel Circuit – Definition Resonance circuit can be connected in series and parallel combination. The total current in the parallel resonant circuit is zero otherwise, In series resonant circuit is maximum. In the parallel circuit, voltages are increased and current will be increased in series resonant circuit. All the MCQs on Resonance … Read more

MCQs on Resonance Circuit

Definition of Resonance Circuit To understand the phenomena of Resonance, it is important to tune LC circuit on a frequency in which the value of XL (Inductive Reactance) becomes equal to the XC (Capacitive Reactance).The frequency on which  Inductive Reactance and Capacitive Reactance becomes equals (XC=XL) that is called Resonant Frequency. Resonance Effect is also called tuning effect. … Read more