18 Important Abbreviations MCQs on Resistors

18 Important Abbreviations MCQs on Resistors

Abbreviations generally used in Resistors of Basic Electronics are the most important part of preparation for study. I am providing you 18 most important abbreviations MCQs on resistors to facilitate the students, technicians and teachers of multiple fields throughout the world.

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Resistors- Abbreviations

Top 18 abbreviations are used in the chapter “Resistor” of Basic Electronics which are very important generally used in the topic throughout study.

Important Abbreviations MCQs Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Q1. PC stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Printed Circuit

Q2. SMD stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Surface Mount Device

Q3. PTC stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Positive Temperature Coefficient

Q4. NTC stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Negative Temperature Coefficient

Q5. EIA stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Electronic Industries Alliance

Q6. CCR stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Carbon composition resistors

Q7. MELF stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Metal Electrode Leadless Face

Q8. TCR stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

Q9. POT stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Potentiometer

Q10. SMT stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Surface Mount Technology

Q11. PTH stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Plated Through Hole

Q12. IEC stands for ______________________________.

Answer: International Electrotechnical Commission

Q13. RCC stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Resistor Colour Code

Q14. DC stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Direct Current

Q15. AC stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Alternating Current

Q16. LDR stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Light Dependent Resistor

Q17. DMM stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Digital Multimeter

Q18. KCL stands for ______________________________.

Answer: Kirchhoff ’s Current Law

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