18 Important Abbreviations MCQs on Resistors

Abbreviations generally used in Resistors of Basic Electronics are the most important part of preparation for study. I am providing you 18 most important abbreviations MCQs on resistors to facilitate the students, technicians and teachers of multiple fields throughout the world. Read More ⇒  MCQs on Types of Resistors Read More ⇒  MCQs on Resistors Colour … Read more

Types of Resistors MCQs Questions and Answers

Resistor – Definition Resistor is the basic component of Electronics technology and almost every PCB contains bunch of resistors. The best definition of Resister is to limit the current or produce desired voltages at output. All the types of Resistors MCQs questions and answers are published according to the new study syllabus for academic year 2021-22. … Read more

MCQs on Resistors Colour Coding

Resistor Color Code – Definition The resistor is the fundamental component of Electronics Technology; almost every PCB contains a bunch of resistors. The colour coding is used to indicate the rating and resistance of a Resistor. Some small cylindrical resistors are required to paint the colour bands/rings to define the value/rating because it is difficult to mark the numerical … Read more