MCQs on Oscilloscope

MCQs on Oscilloscope

Oscilloscope – Definition

An instrument / device name oscilloscope which displays graphically representation of voltages continuously changing over the time. The waveform displaying on the screen multiple properties like as frequency, amplitude, time interval, rise time, distortion etc. Oscilloscope is the most important tool used for repairing or servicing of electronic circuit. It is easier to see the problem in electronic circuit easily on oscilloscope. All the MCQs on MCQs on Oscilloscope are published according to the new study syllabus for academic year 2021-22.

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The aim is to provide questions on Oscilloscope MCQs with answers to understand the concepts of faults in electrical circuits. If you are willing to learn the concepts of Basic Electronics MCQs multiple choice questions with answer then read all the questions and answers. You will be surely able to qualify for all kinds of Quiz / tests / Interviews after understanding the Introduction to MCQs on Oscilloscope. If you are a students, technician or teacher then you can learn the basic concept of Oscilloscope applications, principle and function.

MCQs Questions on Oscilloscope (Quiz)

Q1. ________ is used to measure constantly varying voltage signal.

  1. Oscilloscope
  2. Ammeter
  3. Clamp Meter
  4. All are correct

Answer:    a

Q2. A device/instrument that displays graphically the input varying voltages is called oscilloscope.                                                                                                                                                         True / False

Answer:    True

Q3. A typical oscilloscope displays the AC and DC input signal with a frequency of ______.

  1. 1Hz → 1KHz
  2. 1Hz → 1MHz
  3. 1Hz → 1GHz
  4. a & b are correct

Answer:    d

Q4. High End Oscilloscope displays the frequencies upto Gigahertz (GHz).                 True / False

Answer:    True

Q5. The time is displayed on oscilloscope from ______ on the horizontal scale.

  1. left to right
  2. right to left

Answer:    a

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Q6. In the oscilloscope, the instantaneous voltages appeared on the vertical scale.        True / False

Answer:    True 

Q7. In an Oscilloscope, the horizontal sweep is measured in ________.

  1. s/div To ms/div
  2. s/div To µs/div
  3. s/div To ns/div
  4. All are correct

Answer:    d

Q8. The vertical deflection in oscilloscope is measured in volts per division (v/div) to micro volts per division (µv/div).            True / False

Answer:    True 

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Q9. _______ oscilloscope can be connect to the computer for displaying digital values.

  1. typical
  2. high end

Answer:    b

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