MCQs on Inductor Questions and Answers

MCQs on Inductor Questions and Answers

We are providing you Questions Bank related to the MCQs on Inductor Questions and Answers for especially to improve and preparation of all kinds of quizzes or tests. If you are interested to learn in learning the concepts of Basic Electronics through multiple choice questions with answer key then read all the top 19 MCQs completely. You will be surely qualify for all kinds of Quiz / tests / Interviews after understanding the principle of Inductors. If you are a students, technician or teacher then you can learn the basic concept of inductor (Coil) principle, function and applications.

How Inductor Works – Definition

Inductors are commonly known as Coil/Choke. The construction of coil is likewise a conductor wire in round shape like mechanical spring. The shape of a coil produces powerful flux or magnetic field rather than any straight wire. Inductors are commonly used for AC circuits. The principle of Coil is to block AC voltage and can pass DC voltage then it means that it can only works on Alternating Current.

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • How Inductor Opposes a Change in Current
  • Induction Through AC
  • Unit of Inductance
  • Self-Inductance
  • Mutual Inductance
  • Types of Inductors

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Inductor MCQs (Questions and Answers)

Q1. The ability of a conductor is to produce voltage when current varies called _______.

  1. Inductance
  2. Resistance
  3. Conductance
  4. Magnetic Field

Answer:     a

Q2. The magnetic field and variation of current and variation of current in the conductor is equal to the motion of flux.             True / False

Answer:   True

Q3. In the ____________ circuit current does not change.

  1. AC
  2. DC

Answer:   b

Q4. In the ____________ circuit, current changes from Zero to Peak.

  1. AC
  2. DC

Answer:    a

Q5. The ability of a conductor to produce voltages, when current changes are called Self Inductance.                            True / False

Answer:  True

Q6. The symbol of inductor is __________________.

  1. M
  2. D
  3. L
  4. π

Answer:    c

Q7. The unit of inductance is __________________.

  1. Joule
  2. Henry
  3. Flux Density
  4. Impedance

Answer:    b

Q8. The inductance of a coil depends on _______________.

  1. Number of Turns
  2. Area Plus Length
  3. Permeability
  4. All are correct

Answer:     d

Q9. Air-Core coil for RF applications have inductance values in __________.

  1. mH
  2. µH
  3. nH
  4. a & b are correct

Answer:    d

Q10. Self-Induced Voltages is a voltage induced in a conductor by itself.               True / False

Answer:   True

Q11. The formulae of Self Induced voltage is  __________.

  1. VL = L di/dt
  2. VL = L di + dt
  3. VL = dt/di + L
  4. VL = di/dt

Answer:    a

Q12. When the voltage induced in one inductor to another inductor due to the flux /magnetic field is called Inductance.                            True / False

Answer:   True

Q13. The unit of mutual inductance is _______________.

  1. µH
  2. Henry
  3. mH
  4. nH

Answer:    b

Q14. ________ Inductors have fixed inductance.

  1. Fixed
  2. Variable
  3. Preset
  4. All are correct

Answer:     a

Q15. The inductance of variable inductors can be changed by changing the position of the core with respect to the windings.                True / False

Answer:    True

Q16. Preset inductors are ___________ inductors.

  1. Fixed
  2. Variable
  3. Choke
  4. Ideal

Answer:    b

Q17. Chokes are fixed inductors.                True / False

Answer:   True

Q18. Chokes are used to oppose the ____________.

  1. Threshold voltages
  2. Surge Current
  3. Current
  4. Impedance

Answer:   b

Q19. Chokes are also known as __________ chokes.

  1. Preset
  2. Smoothing
  3. Self
  4. Variable

Answer:   b

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