MCQs on Semiconductor LASER Diode

LASER Diode – Definition A word “LASER” is an abbreviation of “Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation“. It is invented in 1962. LASER light is Monochromatic, Coherent and Unidirectional. The intensity of LASER is more intense rather than common light. All the LEDs are not included in LASER or Coherent. All the MCQs on … Read more

MCQs on Schottky Diode Questions and Answers

Schottky Diode – Definition A diode consists of MS junction (Metal-To-Semiconductor) rather than PN junction is called Schottky diode. It is used on high frequency as rectifier. Schottky diode is also called Hot-Carrier diode or Schottky Barrier diode. It has no depletion layer and lowest reverse recovery time. All the MCQs on Schottky Diode Questions and Answers are published according … Read more

Photodiode MCQs Questions and Answers

Photodiode – Definition A photodiode is PN junction semiconductor device that converts light energy into electrical energy. It is used in reverse bias. The photodiode sensor is operated in photoconductive or photovoltaic mode. Every photodiode is made of photoconductive material. All the Photodiode MCQs Questions and Answers are published according to the new study syllabus for the … Read more

MCQs on Varactor Diode Multiple Choice Questions

Varactor Diode – Definition Varactor consists of PN junction semiconductor diode works on the principle of variable diode. The internal capacitance of varactor diode varies with the variation of reverse voltages.  The alternative names of varactor diode is varicap, volta cap, or epicap and tuning diode. It is a voltage-dependent device. It always works in … Read more