Capacitive Reactance MCQs Questions and Answers

Capacitive Reactance MCQs Questions and Answers

We are providing you bunch of Capacitive Reactance MCQs questions and answers and preparation for all kinds of quizzes or tests. If you are interested in learning the concepts of Basic Electronics mcqs multiple choice questions with answers then read all the top 12 MCQs completely. You will be surely qualify for all kinds of Quiz / tests / Interviews after understanding the principle of Capacitance. If you are a students, technician or teacher then you can learn the basic concept of Capacitor construction, function and principle.

Capacitive Reactance (Xc) – Definition

When capacitor offers resistance or opposition on the way of alternating current (AC) during charging and discharge which react is called Capacitive Reactance. The symbol of capacitive reactance is Xc. It can be measured in Ohm.

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • AC in Capacitive Circuit
  • Capacitive Reactance (XC) Formula
  • Series or Parallel Capacitive Reactances
  • Capacitive Reactance Applications

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MCQs on Capacitive Reactance (Questions and Answers)

Q1. The reactance / opposition of any capacitor for the flow of AC current is called___________.

  1. Resistance
  2. Inductance
  3. Capacitance
  4. Capacitive Reactance

Answer:     d

Q2. The symbol of capacitor reactance is Cx.           True / False

Answer:   False ( XC )

Q3. The unit of Capacitive Reactance is ____________.

  1. farad
  2. henry
  3. ohm
  4. ampere

Answer:   c

Q4. The formula to calculate the capacitive current is IC = C dv/dt .          True / False

Answer:   True

Q5. Series capacitive reactance formula is __________.

  1. XCeq = XC1 + XC2 + XC3 …
  2. XCeq = 1/XC1 + 1/XC2 + 1/XC3 …

Answer:    a

Q6. XC is inversely promotional to the frequency.            True / False

Answer:  True

Q7. When the frequency is increased then what will be the capacitive reactance?

  1. increased
  2. same
  3. decreased
  4. infinity

Answer:    c

Q8. If the capacitive reactance decreases then the capacitance will be increased.              True / False

Answer:   True

Q9. The value of π is _____________.

  1. 24/7
  2. 22/7
  3. 3.14
  4. b & c are correct

Answer:    d

Q10. What is the formula to calculate the capacitive reactance.

  1. XC = 2πfc
  2. XC = XL/2πfc
  3. XC = 2π/fc
  4. XC = 1/2πfc

Answer:     d

Q11. In the capacitive circuit, what will be the formula of  Ohm’s Law ?

  1. VC = IC × C
  2. XC = VC / IC
  3. VC = IC × XC
  4. b & c are correct

Answer:    d

Q12. Capacitor block (Not to pass) DC steady voltages inside it.         True / False

Answer:   True

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