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My Name is Ali, professionally teacher and my qualification is Bachelor in Electronics. One more thing, I want to add that I always love blogging. There are lots of things who encouraged me to make a website on Electronics MCQs. But the most importantly the demands of my students who are always facing troubles for preparation of Multiple Choice Questions and Answers in complete theory of Electronics.

ElectronicsMcqs.com is a website which consists of MCQs short questions and Answers purely related to the Study of Modern and Basic Electronics. All the MCQs are published on my site for the help of Students, teachers and Professionals means technical jobholders throughout the world. The prime concern of my website is to provide all the expected MCQs which covers every chapter and topic Electronics Theory.

All the objective type questions are prepared by multiple books after a day long hard-work to study more and more about the topic. If any information or text which you think is incorrect or repugnant to the context then you can contact me to remove or modify.

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